Zhytomyr mothers and wives of military blocked the highway “Kyiv-Chop”

blokJune 24 at 8 am fifty women blocked traffic on the route of international significance Kyiv-Chop. This is a mom and wife Zhytomyr military personnel who are deployed in March in the East and has since been home.

It is reported that women complain – most soldiers are in the field are 110 days without rest, without proper protection, food, and sometimes even water.

According to the report, during the action mitynhuvalnytsi continuously walk pedestrian crossing, creating a 20-mile traffic jam.

“So mom and wife require that the Defense Ministry held a rotation, turned Zhytomyr military garrison in the place of their permanent location,” – said in a statement.

A few hours before the protesters arrived head of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration Sidor Kizin and Regional Military Commissioner Nicholas Zaleski and explained that influence the situation can not and asked people to unlock the track.

13.15 As representatives of the Ministry of Defense to the protesters did not come, so the initiative group of mothers and wives went by car in Kyiv to the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Defense, and blocking the road continued.

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