From the zone ATO in Ternopil returned ten operatives

122-300x218Ten employees of Emergency Ternopil police returned at night, December 24, home from the zone of the antiterrorist operation. Within a month, five workers for Combating Organised Crime and five operatives of the Criminal Investigation served at checkpoints Lugansk region, near the town of Happiness. One of the main objectives of the guys was checking documents and vehicles of all who passed through their checkpoint.

Ternopil operatives worked closely with Novoaydarivskym police station.
During their service to our east police arrested several criminals and a recidivist, who was in the international wanted list for serious and very serious crimes. They took him near checkpoint and handed over to local law enforcement.

Guide Novoaydarivskoho thanked for the work of the police station and requested to note the leaders of the Ternopil police guys for the excellent work done.

The boys returned home happily and infinitely pleased with that New Year and Christmas holidays to spend with your family.

Guardians who replaced during the rotation of their colleagues in the east, and preparing for the holidays and decorate with their premises available material and roadblocks.

The Stopru