Zoologists explained one of the most mysterious aspects of the behavior of cats

Зоологи объяснили одну из самых загадочных особенностей поведения кошек

Scientists involved in Zoology, explained what purpose cats produce a massaging motion to a person or another animal.

Possible explanation from the experts were slightly.

One option that makes the cats “knead” of a man or his kinsman, it is an ancient instinct. With the help of massage movements feline smoothed my own pot, preparing the haul out to sleep. Now cats tuck things on the man allegedly preparing a place to lie down.

The second option put forward by scientists, is the need of the animal for food. These mechanical actions cats also produce on an instinctive level. So how, as young kittens, they “crushed” the mother cat by stimulating the production of milk in the mammary glands.

Experts also believe that cats perceive human as a great mother who feeds them. If the animal makes movements to its owner or any other person or animal, then it shows trust and affection.